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Help With Business Interruption Claims

Do you need Business Interruption Claims Help? If so, then Public Loss Adjusters because they are expert with BI claims. Business Interruption can be devastating for a business and can even put your company in real danger. If you fail to recuperate any of your lost income your business could close down. Business interruption claims are usually known as the most complicated due to the factors involved.

For an example: to calculate the loss of income you will have to gather lots of evidence from your accounts. This could include trading history. Insurers may even ask you to analyse market trends. This would help identify how your business would be doing in a certain season or month.

Indemnity Period & Material Damage Proviso

need help with business interruption claims?Also included in business interruption claims is an indemnity period which you choose when you take out business interruption cover. It is a set time that you need to get your business fully operational again.

It is usually over a course of either 12, 24 or 36 months. You need to think of a realistic time for your business to do this. However, the longer time you take the higher your premiums so calculate this to the best of your ability. There is also the material damage proviso which is usually included in most business interruption cover.

In most cases it states that there must have been some type of physical damage. This would be to the insured premises for the insurer to enact business interruption cover. It is essential to make sure that you have all the correct types of cover. Otherwise, you could be without any business interruption cover at all. Business interruption claims are one of the most complicated due to the factors involved If you need help with a business interruption claim, then you should appoint a Public Loss Adjuster to handle your claim.

Public Loss Adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters are a nationwide group of highly experienced loss adjusting group who work solely for policy holders and not insurers. There goal is to get you 100% of your entitlement. With a business interruption claim, Public Loss Adjusters can offer chartered accountants with years of experience. They can calculate your loss of income extremely precise.

There loss adjusters are some of the most experienced in the entire industry. During a business interruption claim, their help is an invaluable service.… Read More

Home Insurance Claims can years of your time and can be very difficult to manage on you own.

Home Insurance Claims

Home Insurance Claims Issues
When your property suffers from tragic damage such as a fire. You would expect your insurance to cover all the costs of the repair.

Yet this is not always the case. Around 79% of all home insurance claims were successful. And the average pay-out was only £2,520.

Problems with Home Insurance Claims

There are many ways an insurance company can reject your claim. Some home insurance policy’s state that a home must be well maintained. Others will use complicated wording to make you think you have the correct cover.

Then when you come to make a home insurance claim, they use this against you and reject your claim.

When a claim gets rejected it can be very difficult to get the insurance to review the claim. Your best option is to hire a Loss Adjuster to represent you during your home insurance claim. While these services are usually not free the benefits definitely outweigh the price.

How a Loss Adjuster Can Help You

Many people have problems with their home insurance claims when the insuer rejects or denies thier claim


A Loss Adjuster will review your policy and pick out anything missed in your claim. From there

they will re-negotiate with the insurance. Then aim to get you an amount that can cover the costs of your repair.

This can sometimes mean your claim value rising by £5000. Or could mean your insurance provides you with emergency accommodation.

Whatever your insurance has stated in your policy a Loss Adjusters will aim to get.

When searching for a Loss Adjuster, there are a few things you should look out for. Any loss adjuster must register with the Financial Conduct Authority. Also checking that they are regulated by the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters.

These loss adjusters are the recognised industry experts and have achieved the highest qualification in claims management.

Both of these organisations impose a strict code of conduct. They ensure your treated fairly and ensures your settlement is safe from any unwanted interference.

Public Loss Adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters handle home insurance claims for the policy holder.

If you’re looking for a Loss Adjuster, I would have to recommend the Public Loss Adjusting Group. They have a highly sophisticated claims management service. They also have 75 years of combined experience in loss adjusting. Meaning they are very capable of handling your claim.

They cover all aspects of insured property damage. Such as fire, flood and storm damage.

Public Loss Adjuster are also a recognised supplier to the National Landlords Association. Who they provide a free 30 minute consultation to any members.… Read More

Flood restoration is very expensive due to the amount of damage floods cause.

Flood Damage Restoration Services Throughout The United Kingdom

Flood Restoration

When you have been affected by a flood it can cause a large amount of damage to your property. Wood rot, rusting of steel, de-laminating of materials such as plywood and many other household materials are examples. It may be time to look into flood restoration services!

MMS contracting offer Flood Restoration services throughout the UKThe first and most important step to follow when been affected by a flood is to stop any active leak in the home. This can be solved by turning of the main water supply within the house. To minimize damage to your property it would be advised to act fast. In these situations as the longer you leave it, the damage will get worse.

To prevent further damage in the meantime it is advised to have a number of dehumidifiers in the house this will stop further damage like mould growth. The contractor working on your property will be able to asses how long the dehumidifiers are needed.

When dealing with properties that have been affected by flooding it is vital to understand the impact and implications. Water on the fabric of the building causes devestation. As well as the long-term implications of the flood damage repairs needed.

Steps to take when you’ve been affected by a flood

  • The first step to fixing water damage in your property is to identify where the water is coming from.
  • Secondly you would need to clean any standing water in your home.
  • The next step would be to get several dehumidifiers in your home to prevent mould growth ETC.

The Risk of Water Contamination

Flood water can be very contaminated with sewage and other pollutants. This can cause sickness and other infections. If you have been affected by a flood and there is a well on your property your advised not to drink water from it as it can cause illness.

Floods affect both individuals and communities, and have social, economic and environmental consequences. The immediate impacts of flooding can include damage of property, destruction of crops and inconvenience to your everyday life. You would not be able to live in your property in the early stages of a flood.

A flood can be a very traumatising time for victims and their families and may affect people for a long period of time. Disruption to business and social affairs may cause further stress and psychological impacts can be long lasting.

Visit this Flood Damage Repair Website For Help.… Read More

A bespoke designer kitchen from wholesale designer kitchens.

Designer Kitchens in Blackpool

Wholesale Designer Kitchens Blackpool is here to offer quality kitchens in a huge range of styles while maintaining consistent high-quality materials. WDK currently has a kitchen showroom in Blackpool with plans to expand all over the UK. This expansion is to ensure everyone has equal access to designer kitchens. With the support of a range of big-name companies, Wholesale Designer Kitchens in Blackpool can offer high-quality kitchens for affordable prices to both the trade and the general public.

Their Blackpool Kitchen Showroom gives a perfect example of all of the kitchen styles available from sleek modern styles to traditional shaker styling whatever your dream kitchen is WDK can supply it!

Your Prefered Personal DesignKitchen design in Blackpool

A core foundation of WDK’s drive to offer designer kitchens is the customization options available when designing the kitchen. These options include personal talks with our designers. These talks ensure that every element you wish to incorporate in the kitchen is equally represented.

These personal designers are here to ensure your kitchen is exactly what you dreamed of while ensuring that no glaring mistakes occur. This means that your original plans will not only be drawn up and displayed professionally using CAD software but the designer will ensure the kitchen is fully functional. Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a home and so should it be stylish and easy to use?

Vast Designer Kitchens OptionsModern kitchen

Wholesale Designer Kitchens has an expansive range of kitchen doors, cabinets, flooring, and worktops available. This is to ensure that as many options as possible are presented to you, the customer. We stock 3 separate worktop manufacturers to ensure everything from pure quartz to mock concrete to dual-edged laminate is shown as an option for the creation of some truly unique kitchens. Every style of worktop is represented on Wholesale Designer Kitchen’s portfolio to show you just how many options are available to you!

On top of a vast range of worktops, WDK provides an even more expansive door selection. With over 10 separate door ranges each with its own range of stocked colours. Most ranges are also available in both gloss and matt. If the colour you dream of having is not available in the range you have selected simply ask for a special order with over 30 new separate options to paint your kitchen doors!

Local Kitchen Showrooms in Blackpool

For more information on designer kitchens in Blackpool, I would recommend visiting WDK’s website at More

Subsidence damage to a wall


Do you know what subsidence is?Cracked Wall

When thinking of damage that can happen to your property you most likely think of a fire or flood but what about subsidence?

If you are a property owner you most likely know all about the possible damage that fire and flooding can inflict. However, subsidence is not a sudden event and not many people have information about it. In this article, I’m going to talk about the dangers of subsidence and some information about causes.

To begin subsidence is defined as the shift of a property due to defects in the foundation characterised as a downwards shift. Now when hearing that small description it may not sound serious but any shift and change in foundations can cause substantial damage.

Subsidence Damage

The damage subsidence can create include loss of structural integrity, cracked walls, ceilings and flooring. Subsidence is more complicated to solve then simple fire damage as the removed materials cannot be easily replaced. The affected material is the foundation of the property which removing would severely damage the property.

Subsidence occurs due to faults in the foundation, these faults include poor construction/materials as well as shallow foundations. These foundations provide inadequate support for the property. Shallow foundations are usually a result of older construction dates due to the standard of buildings being improved over the last 30 years requiring deeper stronger foundations as well as stronger more durable materials being used during construction.

A thick crack caused by subsidenceAnother cause that is commonly overlooked is tree proximity to the property. The roots of trees burrow in many directions around the base of the tree. If these roots come into contact with your foundation it can embed itself and weaken the structural integrity. The type of tree is also vital as some trees utilise thicker roots as they require more nutrients.

Want more information?

A lot of the information in this article I sourced from one very useful page I would recommend checking it out for additional information (and worded more professionally). The website is Also, check out their subsidence signs page to help you spot any damage.… Read More

Loss Assessors look through your policy to ensure nothing is missed

Public Loss Assessors

Independent Claims Management 

Loss assessors are generally appointed by the policyholder instead of the insurance company and work just like a loss adjuster. The main difference is that they are employed to look after the interests of their client, the person who has informed their insurer that they have a claim.

Loss Adjusters are employed by insurance companies, it is commonplace for a small amount of bias for the insurance company to influence the claim. This is due to the fact that at the end of the day the insurance companies are paying their wages. Don’t you want a fully independent loss adjuster but don’t want to risk using an unregulated independent loss assessor?

Public Loss Adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters are loss assessors who are independent of insurance companies but are members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This insurance claims management company can manage your insurance claim from the start of contact right through to the full settlement of your claim and/or until your property is restored to its pre-loss condition.

Public Loss Adjusters are willing to go the extra mile by appointing independent surveyors to assess the full extent of the damage to ensure no bias is present during your comprehensive claim. They are a company that will take over all negotiations with your insurer on your behalf to ensure you can just sit back and watch the claim be solved.

Experience is key

These loss assessors can recommend a variety of experienced restoration companies who repair properties that have suffered the type of damage or damages that your property has. This ensures that the restoration works if carried out by their recommended companies will be of a professional standard.

Public Loss Adjusters are a fully independent loss adjusting company who will work tirelessly on your behalf, covering every aspect of your claim to ensure that you receive your full entitlement!

If you have a new or an ongoing insurance claim that is taking a long time to settle, maybe you should consider taking advantage of the services that Public Loss Adjusters offer. Simply call 08000 434 999 to talk to a professional today or visit for more information.Read More