A bespoke designer kitchen from wholesale designer kitchens.

Designer Kitchens in Blackpool

Wholesale Designer Kitchens Blackpool is here to offer quality kitchens in a huge range of styles while maintaining consistent high-quality materials. WDK currently has a kitchen showroom in Blackpool with plans to expand all over the UK. This expansion is to ensure everyone has equal access to designer kitchens. With the support of a range of big-name companies, Wholesale Designer Kitchens in Blackpool can offer high-quality kitchens for affordable prices to both the trade and the general public.

Their Blackpool Kitchen Showroom gives a perfect example of all of the kitchen styles available from sleek modern styles to traditional shaker styling whatever your dream kitchen is WDK can supply it!

Your Prefered Personal DesignKitchen design in Blackpool

A core foundation of WDK’s drive to offer designer kitchens is the customization options available when designing the kitchen. These options include personal talks with our designers. These talks ensure that every element you wish to incorporate in the kitchen is equally represented.

These personal designers are here to ensure your kitchen is exactly what you dreamed of while ensuring that no glaring mistakes occur. This means that your original plans will not only be drawn up and displayed professionally using CAD software but the designer will ensure the kitchen is fully functional. Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a home and so should it be stylish and easy to use?

Vast Designer Kitchens OptionsModern kitchen

Wholesale Designer Kitchens has an expansive range of kitchen doors, cabinets, flooring, and worktops available. This is to ensure that as many options as possible are presented to you, the customer. We stock 3 separate worktop manufacturers to ensure everything from pure quartz to mock concrete to dual-edged laminate is shown as an option for the creation of some truly unique kitchens. Every style of worktop is represented on Wholesale Designer Kitchen’s portfolio to show you just how many options are available to you!

On top of a vast range of worktops, WDK provides an even more expansive door selection. With over 10 separate door ranges each with its own range of stocked colours. Most ranges are also available in both gloss and matt. If the colour you dream of having is not available in the range you have selected simply ask for a special order with over 30 new separate options to paint your kitchen doors!

Local Kitchen Showrooms in Blackpool

For more information on designer kitchens in Blackpool, I would recommend visiting WDK’s website at https://www.wdkuk.co.uk/Read More